Look up contacts at Thunderbird

This tutorial allows you to configure Thunderbird to be able to query the personal directory of the i2CAT Foundation.

  • Server: ldap.i2cat.net
  • DN base: ou=activat,ou=personal,dc=i2cat,dc=net
  • Port number: 389
  • DN To sign in: uid=usuari,ou=activat,ou=personal,dc=i2cat,dc=net
  • Search filter: (objectclass=posixaccount)

Go to Tools > Account configurations then choose File > New > LDAP Directory and fill in the dialog box with the information data.

When you write a new message you will be able to search directly the directory by clicking in the Contactss option and choosing "Directori LDAP i2CAT", or the name assigned in the Address book. When you start the search you will be asked for the LDAP password.